• Philippines typhoon relief effort takes a depth and distance approach vs. broad and brief

    Photo: A widow being cared for by our native team is happy to receive fresh groceries and clean water as she recovers from Typhoon Haiyan.

    Our native team is coordinating local relief efforts in response to one of history’s most powerful storms ever recorded. The storm made a direct hit across Cebu Island, where several of our programs are based, including our main campus. Rather than take a broad approach, we’ve instead opted to care for 21 families and 16 widows severely affected by the storm, so we can more effectively ensure a long-term beneficial use of relief funds.

  • Philippines team among first responders in devastating aftermath of Super-Typhoon Haiyan

    Photo: Children on the island of Cebu who are among the estimated 500,000 now homeless.

    Thanks to a steel-reinforced rebuild of our Philippines main campus two years ago after a similar cyclone nearly destroyed our entire facility, our native team remained safe and dry during one of the strongest storms in recorded history. This allowed for our team to be among the first responders to the heartbreaking devastation the storm left in its path. Our team is headquartered on the island of Cebu, one of the most severely affected islands in the path of the storm.

  • Philippines: at-risk mothers and their children empowered by crafts business program

    Photo: Thanks to your support, his mother earns a good income through our crafts business program, ensuring his proper nutrition and a brighter future.

    Now in the third year of our craft-making business empowerment program in the Philippines, we continue to see great progress and success among the women enrolled. We originally trained 25 widows and single mothers in various weaving skills. Of the original group, 19 have remained in the program and are seeing significant income generation, and a handful of new trainees are quickly seeing success as well.