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At-Risk Child from India

  • Sponsor Sangeetha from India
  • Name: Sangeetha
    Gender female
    Birthday 2010-12-24
    Age 9
    Country India

Personal information:

Meet Sangeetha, who is in our transitional program and is awaiting a sponsor to ensure her continued care. Since coming into the program, we’ve discovered that she enjoys chess and Kabaddi. With help and support from new classmates and our local team staff, Sangeetha is now studying in 3rd grade and says her favorite subjects are Social Studies and Telugu. Your sponsorship of Sangeetha will underwrite her expenses, providing for her continued education, medical care, and access to nutritious meals and clean water.

When you become a sponsor, we provide you with a private blog through which you can communicate with Sangeetha, view current photos, and receive updates of her experiences and growth. You can bring tremendous joy to Sangeetha through your messages of encouragement, love, and support. For the kids in our program, getting sponsored is a big deal- could you make Sangeetha’s wish come true?

Sponsor Sangeetha from India!

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