Uganda high school dormitories


Goal: $60,000 Raised: $0

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Objective: To construct two high school dormitories which will provide comfortable housing for orphans and paying high school students, furthering their pursuit of an affordable, quality education.

We currently operate three private schools in Uganda with a current enrollment of almost 600 children. On our main campus, a new school building has just been completed in an effort to improve the quality of education and increase our ability to bring in more students. The new building houses a science lab, the school library, the computer lab with 30 computers, more offices, and an examination hall. These improvements were some of the components which recently enabled our high school, with 250 students currently enrolled, to receive full accreditation. This official status will help us to enroll more paying students (which will allow us to offer more scholarships), and give our students confidence.

We are now seeking to raise $60,000 to build two well-furnished dormitories for the boys and girls to have separate living arrangements, each accommodating 200 students. We need to purchase cement, red bricks, lake sand, plaster sand, concrete aggregates, iron bars, fastening and joining nails, roofing nails, iron sheets, binding wires, wire mesh, ventilators, door shutters, window shutters, and other materials necessary to complete construction on the dormitories.

We have a goal of accommodating 400 students in all — 200 girls and 200 boys. Each dormitory will have six sizable well-furnished rooms containing beds and other amenities for the boys and girls, enabling our students to live comfortably and pursue their studies.

As the government in many cases has merely offered primitive arrangements such as chalkboards attached to tree trunks where the children gather in the shade of the tree for school, our team is making a profound impact in the community, and providing local orphans with nutrition and education support, and futures full of empowerment and hope.