Women’s empowerment


The women of the local rural community where we serve have been gifted with very resilient, hard-working and determined spirits. However, they lack two important ingredients in putting these gifts into action: capital and training. Seizing on the potential we see in these amazing women, we’re equipping them with training and basic supplies to start small businesses. They’re making beautifully crafted, in-demand products such as wicker baskets, sleeping mats, and brooms. We’re also providing jobs for the women through a catering company we launched in 2012. As we assist these women in creating income-generating opportunities, we give them the gift of self-confidence and fulfillment in utilizing their talents and abilities.

In Kampala, we are achieving a similar result with women recovering from human trafficking at our “She Has Hope” rehabilitation home just established in early 2017. The program provides young women with a safe place for recovery while training them in jewelry and craft making skills. Products they make during their class time are sold online at SheHasHope.org to generate funding for their program.