Despite being underfunded, Uganda elementary school perseveres in difficult circumstances

Photo: Children at our elementary school gather under a tree for class, as our current facility does not offer enough space to meet the demand for local education.

Without our school these children would otherwise have no education opportunities within a reasonable distance of their village. Two years ago we acquired this land, launched the school with a temporary shelter, and began a fundraiser to build a proper facility. The fundraiser has made some strides but the goal is not yet met, and now the school faces closure if we do not act soon.

After a recent inspection, the local government authority has said we cannot keep our license if the new building is not completed by May 31. The rural elementary school is located on our second campus in the Mayuge District. The district ranks third poorest of Uganda’s 74 districts, where 50% of the population is under the age of 15. The massive child population has left government schools completely overwhelmed. Recognizing that any thoughtful effort is better than no effort, our makeshift school building is our humble yet heart-felt attempt to offer these children a loving learning environment.

The response to the launch of the school clearly indicated the vast need and desire for education in the area—within a few weeks we had over 200 children enrolled. Using organic ingredients from our farmland, we’re able to provide the children with a fresh-cooked lunch on campus. This approach draws on the basic philosophy that you can’t teach a hungry child.

Although the school is not properly equipped, and deals with flooding on the dirt floors during rainy season, the primary mission of love is preparing the hearts of these children for a future that looks very bright. We believe in this project and these children with all of our hearts. It is our desire that soon the fund will be complete and these children can learn in an environment worthy of their potential.

Thanks to the funds that have been provided thus far, we have already laid the foundation of the new school building. However, we lack just $25,000 to complete the building. We are seeking both private and corporate sponsors for the project. Please consider doing your part to help, either with whatever donation you can spare, or by spreading the word to your friends for awareness.

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