Growth 2008 – 2024

  • 108

    Farmland Tons of Produce

  • 181

    Widows Supported

  • 225

    Orphans Cared For

We first partnered with our Myanmar native team in 2008 when we launched our orphan care program, which over the years has grown to encompass 4 orphan homes where we have provided complete residential care to a total of 225 orphans and employed 12 staff members. We also operate a small vocational training school for orphans who have graduated from our programs to ensure that they are equipped with skills and knowledge that will support them in their future careers.

In 2010, we purchased our 12-acre rice farm, which during its history has yielded over 108 tons of rice. We are very thankful for this consistent crop that has provided a key staple in the diets of our orphans, staff in our orphan homes, and several widows our team cares for. Our orphans also benefit from a one-acre, on-campus farmland that provides nutritious vegetables for their meals. In addition to the farmland, our native team draws funding from a small-scale purified water bottling business that is providing affordable safe drinking water to the local community. Through these efforts, with your support, we are offering hope and empowerment to the people of Myanmar.

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