Growth 2008 – 2024

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    Farmland Tons of Produce

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    Destitute Children Educated

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    Resident Orphans

Our two native teams in the Philippines are located in Manila and on the island of Cebu.


Since 2009, our native team on the island of Cebu have been working to make a lasting change in the lives of those affected by extreme poverty. Our work of reaching orphans and at-risk children suffering from the effects of extreme poverty is being sustained and multiplied by a widely diverse farmland enterprise.


We were able to launch our girls orphan home in 2011 where we have provided complete residential care for at-risk orphan girls. Through our weekend children’s outreach program, we encountered orphan girls who were victims of child labor or slavery situations. In response to this tragic realization, our native team has provided refuge for these girls since the home’s inception. Funds raised during our year-end 2021 campaign for our Cebu, Philippines girls home have been slowly but surely enabling the renovation and expansion of their kitchen, living quarters, and study areas to allow us to bring in more girls in need.


In 2015, we launched our Children’s Hope Center on the island of Cebu enrolling local at-risk children, employing teachers, and enlisting the help of volunteers. Our Cebu Hope Center is modeled after our other Hope Centers — after-school care programs which have always strived to ensure that children stay successfully enrolled in school.


The farm produces several tons of produce annually. In its lifetime it has produced over half a million eggs, over 30 tons of coconuts, and a steady flow of fish, bananas, vegetables, along with profits from a goat and pork stockbreeding enterprise. Our entire farmland enterprise is very lucrative as profits generated from the various farmland projects, combined with your donations, have always allowed us to operate our girls orphan home and our Children’s Hope Center.


Our Cebu team also operates a program that is equipping at-risk women and their daughters to avoid the perils of human trafficking by fostering their creative skills in craft-making small businesses. Their creations can be found at our pop-up markets. Sadly, the island of Cebu is a major trafficking hub in Asia. With your help, we are able to spare women and girls from being susceptible to traffickers on the island who lure impoverished women with false promises of good jobs abroad only to become slaves once they leave the country.


We first partnered with our Manila, Philippines native team in 2012 and purchased land for a new facility for their Children’s Hope Center program in 2014. Our Manila team started up their Hope Center program in 2008 before we partnered with them, but after purchasing the land, they completed construction on the new facility in 2016.


Through our Manila Hope Center program, we have offered families of the slums an alternative to child labor. We have offered nutritious fresh-cooked meals, clean water, hygiene lessons, free hygiene supplies, games, “Vacation Bible School” activities, and classes on basic computer skills. The program has also offered these children educational support — providing everything they need to enroll in school, such as uniforms, book bags, and school supplies.

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