Orphanage building fundraiser a success, new home construction begins soon

Photo: Boys at our orphanage home are excited about the news of a new, vastly improved home soon to be under construction.

We’re extremely happy to announce that funds have been raised for a new orphanage home on our Uganda campus. The home is currently located in a dilapidated rental facility that is off-campus and inadequate. The funds provided will allow for the construction of a vastly improved home, one with proper space, electrical connections for a future solar array, and direct access to our water well, medical clinic and school on our main campus.

The home will provide about double the space as the previous facility, allowing us to take in a handful more orphans and provide our existing orphans with much more adequate and secure living quarters. Our native directors have adopted several of these children as their own, providing what little space they had in their tiny rental home.

These children all have their own amazing stories of survival in the midst of the AIDS crisis, most of their parents falling victim to the disease and left without much hope for survival. Yet in their own financial struggles, our directors have responded with what any of us would do if children were homeless with no other options: take them in, love them, and provide what they can to ensure a brighter future.

The home will also be outfitted with plumbing to be activated when our new water tower project is funded. Upon funding of that project, our well water will be pumped to the tower, providing the needed water pressure to make use of the plumbing. We’re confident that the lives of these orphan children, once without hope, will be even brighter thanks to your support of this important project.

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