About us


The world we live in today is seeing more suffering among women and children than ever before in human history. The grim reality is that tonight hundreds of millions of vulnerable children are without a home and at high risk of being caught in the nightmare of human trafficking. Modern-day enslavement of children, especially orphans, and exploitation of women is out of control throughout the developing world, while corrupt law enforcement does little or nothing to intervene.

We’re about empowering compassion. Since 1993 we’ve been empowering locally-led, mercy-based programs in the developing world. We serve orphans, child labor victims and young trafficking survivors through 9 resident-care homes and 15 education centers in Asia and Africa. Rather than spending precious resources deploying Western workers, we’re empowering existing local leadership with funding, oversight, and small business development. Thanks to your support, coupled with the multiplying effect of business development, each month we are able to…

  • provide resident care for 547 orphans in 8 homes in Asia and Africa
  • operate a human trafficking rehabilitation home in Nepal
  • operate 7 schools and 8 after-school care programs reaching 1,200+ children
  • serve over 89,000 fresh meals to children in our programs
  • train an average of 48 girls how to avoid the dangers of human trafficking

…in a way that creates a strong sense of ownership among our native teams. We’re working among the world’s poorest, where the vast majority live on less than $2 per day.

Multiplying Your Impact. Our donor funds are multiplied by native-led small business projects like water purification, agriculture, animal stockbreeding or other culturally relevant micro-business. We’re constantly seeking to improve and expand this model of “giving multiplication” with small businesses that will produce the resources necessary to bring in more orphans, rehabilitate more trafficking survivors, and educate more at-risk children. It’s our hope that through this method, our teams in Asia & Africa can become more self-sufficient in their work to care for those who have no hope.

Multiplying the Hands & Feet. Our local, native-led teams operate from within community-based churches where accountability and shared responsibilities add great depth to our work. This community involved approach provides a built-in network of support and an ever-growing number of caring volunteer hands to help locally. In this way, we’re multiplying our reach as we strive to follow God’s heart in caring for orphans, widows and the destitute in a relational, grassroots and committed fashion. As we invite more people to follow God’s ways and teach them to love their neighbors as themselves, we slowly see destitute slums or villages once steeped in despair and crime transformed into hope-filled, renewed communities. The darkness of this world is pervasive, but through the shining hope of our work, together with your help, we are making a difference one life at a time.

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