• Bolstered by improved facilities, our two Uganda schools start semester back with renewed enthusiasm

    Photo: Our primary school students are thankful for a new building which makes learning much more enjoyable: concrete floors, a sturdy roof, and permanent chalkboards are big improvements from their previous makeshift facility.

    We are happy to report that the new Ugandan school semester for both our primary and high school students started on September 8. After a month-long break, our teachers and students were eager to return to the empowering pursuit of education. Our primary school students (ages 5-11) are learning math, English, science, social studies, reading, writing, and the art of handcraft. Our high school students (ages 12-18) are learning English, math, geography, history, agriculture, physics, chemistry, fine art, biology, politics, commerce, and entrepreneurship.

  • Funds raised for new rural primary school in Uganda; construction almost complete

    Photo: Children at our elementary school are excited about the new building under construction!

    We are happy to report that our new primary school in rural Uganda is now fully funded thanks to our generous donors, as well as profits from the farmland. Construction of the new building is almost complete, which is creating a lot of excitement amongst the 200 children enrolled in the school this year. The old building has dirt floors, wooden siding, and a shoddy roof, and floods easily. The new building is a great improvement with an elevated foundation to prevent flooding, and a sturdy roof that will shelter the children even in the heaviest of rain storms. The funds have also provided benches and permanent chalkboards.

  • Despite being underfunded, Uganda elementary school perseveres in difficult circumstances

    Photo: Children at our elementary school gather under a tree for class, as our current facility does not offer enough space to meet the demand for local education.

    Without our school these children would otherwise have no education opportunities within a reasonable distance of their village. Two years ago we acquired this land, launched the school with a temporary shelter, and began a fundraiser to build a proper facility. The fundraiser has made some strides but the goal is not yet met, and now the school faces closure if we do not act soon.

  • Orphanage building fundraiser a success, new home construction begins soon

    Photo: Boys at our orphanage home are excited about the news of a new, vastly improved home soon to be under construction.

    We’re extremely happy to announce that funds have been raised for a new orphanage home on our Uganda campus. The home is currently located in a dilapidated rental facility that is off-campus and inadequate. The funds provided will allow for the construction of a vastly improved home, one with proper space, electrical connections for a future solar array, and direct access to our water well, medical clinic and school on our main campus.

  • Uncooperative landlord leaves Uganda orphanage in urgent need of new home

    Photo: Girls at our orphan home find joy in the loving environment that’s given them a new hope.

    Recent developments at our Uganda orphanage home have left our faithful native directors in a bind. They’ve adopted several children as their own, providing what little space they have in their tiny rental home. These children all have their own amazing stories of survival in the midst of the AIDS crisis, most of their parents falling victim to the disease and left without much hope for survival.

  • Uganda rural school experiences much success, and… a visit from the President!

    Photo: Children at our main Uganda campus were among those gathered for a very special presidential visit.

    Our Uganda campus, located in a remote part of southeastern Uganda, experienced a very rare and special visit. The President of Uganda and his entourage landed their helicopter in front of our campus, local leaders gathered to greet him, and our high school choir presented him with a set of cultural songs and choreography. Our native staff, teachers and the students were all elated by the honor of his visit, an experience they will never forget.

  • Uganda medical center expanded to include pharmacy, 10-bed clinic

    Photo: These children were among the hundreds who came for a free checkup at our newly expanded medical center.

    Thanks to a local government grant along with profits from our farmland enterprise, your donations were doubled to allow for the construction of an expanded medical clinic on our Uganda campus. Land we purchased last year was used for the expansion. The facility now includes several examination rooms, offices, pharmacy stock room, and a 10-bed outpatient clinic.

  • Uganda primary school presses on with success in spite of difficult circumstances

    Photo: Boys at our primary school enjoy a good education and nutritious meals made from ingredients at our nearby farmland.

    At our primary school in rural southeastern Uganda near the Kenya border, every school day over 200 children gather. It’s the only school easily accessible in the area. Here they receive nutritious meals and the loving instruction and care from our dedicated teaching staff. However, we are overwhelmed with the numbers of children, each class having about 35-40 in attendance.