Year-End goals seek to make substantial improvements to Myanmar and Uganda programs, establish emergency response fund for 2021

Photo collage: We have big news about upcoming plans to improve our orphan care programs in Myanmar and Uganda, as we celebrate all that we have accomplished in responding to the pandemic economic crisis.

We are happy to announce our year-end goals which will help us fulfill many long-awaited needs in our programs along with unexpected program expenses and emergencies we could see in the upcoming year.

Our first goal is to fund new construction for an orphan home and education center, and to improve the farmland, on our main Myanmar campus.

Three years ago we were able to purchase the new land in a rural area outside Yangon and have since began to cultivate it for farming while we built a temporary home for the children.

Here’s a view of the current temporary shelter which serves 46 orphans and 6 staff with only two bunk rooms, an open-air dining hall, a makeshift kitchen, and simple latrine style toilets.

Below you will see the artist’s visualization of the proposed home and a view of the expanded farmland project.

The new home will feature spacious sleeping arrangements, indoor plumbing with nine toilets and sinks, showers, a modern kitchen to help our staff more adequately prepare the 156 daily meals required, along with an office to serve our staff!

In addition, the plans make space for an education center complete with a library, a study hall, and classroom space.

All told, along with improvements we hope to make to the farmland which will help to sustain the program, we are seeking approximately $80,000 for this project.

Our next most pressing need is a new vehicle for our rural Uganda team.

Our current 4-wheel-drive vehicle has served us faithfully for over eight years on the rugged back-country dirt roads that connect our two rural campuses. Bought used, it has finally reached its demise at 367,908 miles!

We seek $35,000 to equip our team with a sturdy Toyota 4-wheel-drive vehicle which is essential to keeping our programs running smoothly in these rural areas of Uganda.

Our two schools currently serve 565 students, including 99 orphans currently living on campus at our rural boarding high school, so you can imagine the transportation needed to bring critical supplies to both campuses.

Here’s the photo from over eight years ago when we celebrated the news of purchasing the current vehicle. Help us repeat these smiles!

The other thing our year-end campaign provides is an emergency fund which is used throughout the year to help us respond to natural disasters, famine relief work, and medical emergencies.

Thanks to the success of last year’s campaign, our emergency fund enabled us to respond to the Coronavirus economic impact with over 40 tons of food and 180,000 fresh-cooked meals served to those in need among the communities where we work.

Lastly, our year-end fund also provides us with additional operating funds for unprojected expenses in our programs throughout the year. This allows us to sustain life-saving programs that serve over 1,000 children and trafficking survivors in need year-round.

So it’s thanks to your generosity at this time of year that we are able to maintain our care for orphans, child labor victims, and young trafficking survivors through 9 resident-care homes and 12 education centers when unexpected needs arise for their programs.

Our farmlands and small businesses help us multiply your funds when implemented in the field, but farmlands alone are not enough to keep all of this going. That’s where you come in, to help us continue this multiplication of generosity.

Our ‘She Has Hope’ rehabilitation homes and trade schools like the one seen below in Nepal provide rehabilitation and skill training for trafficking survivors thanks to your support.

Please consider chipping in what you can. If we all work together, we’re confident that the funds pooled will make a life-altering impact among these vulnerable we serve!

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