41 Tons of food delivered to struggling communities in the wake of COVID-19 lockdown-related economic losses, 180,000 meals served; story of one widow saved from starvation

Photo: South India; a family in a migrant farmer’s camp receives rations from Peace Gospel’s pandemic relief program.

Thanks to your support, our teams have now been able to deliver over 41 tons of food stocks to community members who are struggling to find food due to the effects of extreme lockdowns that still persist in the countries where we serve.

Including daily meals served to our orphans, boarding students, trafficking survivors, along with COVID-19 relief recipients, our kitchens have produced over 180,000 fresh meals for these in need since April 1st.

How is this possible for our tiny organization you might ask?

Thankfully our 28 acres of farmlands, fishery project, henhouses, and gardens produce an abundance of food.

Secondly, your incredible generosity multiplies our ability to buy more food as needed, helping struggling community members such as Ramana:

“As a widow, I suffered a lot in this lockdown, I ran out of food two days ago and I am unable to go out, I tried to go to beg for food, but all my neighbors have closed their gates, no food, I am so hungry. Finally last night, Peace Gospel arrived in my colony with food and it saved my life.” —Ramana, age 60, India

Her story made us think of the verse Job 29:13, “Those who were about to die blessed me, and I made widows sing for joy.”

Others are not so fortunate and there is still much work to be done.

Manuela, age 40, Philippines, tells our Cebu Director, “The government support has not been enough to sustain the needs of my family. We are rationing our rice by mixing it with porridge from Monday to Friday until another government supply arrives.”

But together with your support, we are doing our best to improve and expand our farmlands to produce more food for these in need.

We also continue to keep the 1,151 children in our programs well fed, their caregiving staff paid, and lights on in their resident care facilities.

We could not do this without the faithful support of caring supporters like yourself. Thank you for standing with us!

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