• Case Study, India: An orphan’s story, in his own words

    Photo: Yesu (pictured at center) is grateful for his family at our India Boys Home.

    We are very happy to share a powerful story of 11-year-old Yesu who lost his mother and his father and became an orphan, but now he lives a happy life full of redemption and hope at our Boys Home in India. Today he shares his story in his own words:

    “My father is a lorry driver, he got married, and his first wife was died because of jaundice and liver problem. Before she died she gave birth to 2 girls. After his first wife died, he married my mother, she gave birth to 2 boys. I am the eldest son to this mother, and she gave birth to my younger brother. After him she was died because of cancer.

  • India Girls Home bolstered by banana grove, farmland, and new garden projects

    Photo: Children at our India Girls Home are thankful for a bountiful banana harvest! We are happy to report that plans are underway to cover every available square foot of the main India campus with gardens, including a rooftop box gardening project. These projects are an effort to introduce more fresh organic vegetables and herbs […]

  • 48 students at Children’s Hope Center enjoy upgraded computer lab

    Photo: Students enrolled in our slum outreach program are happy to use new computers which aid their school work.

    We are excited to share the good news that the computer lab at our Children’s Hope Center in Hyderabad, India, was recently refurbished to include 3 new computers, new desks and tables, and educational charts and videos. There are currently 48 students enrolled in our program, and the upgrades to the computer lab greatly benefit their studies after school. Our electricity connection is still working, which is a great improvement from our previous usage of lanterns and a small generator. This doesn’t solve everything, as electricity only flows a few hours a day, but the children are overjoyed to have access to technology which empowers their pursuit of education.

  • Aided by profitable farmland enterprise, India Girls Home able to rescue 29 more orphans

    Photo: Orphan girls once trapped in child labor and extreme poverty are thankful to be free and safe at the newly expanded Girls Home.

    Thanks to profits from our native-led farmland as well as donations from our generous donors, enrollment is up at our India Girls Home by 29 new girls who were rescued within the past 2 months. We are also happy to report that the Girls Home has recently expanded to include a new space which comfortably houses 40 orphan girls. The other 30 girls live in the existing space, and all of the orphans are cared for by 5 loving women and widows who live in the Girls Home and serve faithfully.

  • India team partners with government, establishes scholarships to fight child marriage

    Photo: Orphan girls rescued from child labor situations are well on their way to recovery at our girls home.

    Yesterday our India team hosted a public seminar to explain the legal rights of minor girls and to heighten awareness of the illegal and dangerous nature of child marriage. Motivated by extreme cultural pressures, relatives of our Indian orphan girls often try to claim legal rights to withdraw the girls from the orphanage as early as age 12 or 13 with the hidden motive of arranging for their marriages. Thus we invited and paid transportation for many of these relatives to attend, to hear directly from government representatives about the illegal practice of child marriage.

  • Children’s Hope Center in Hyderabad enjoys several improvements

    Photo: Students rescued from child labor enjoying the newly improved computer lab and classroom space.

    In one of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing cities—Hyderabad, India—there’s a slum colony situated on the edge of one of the city’s major landfills. In this colony made up of make-shift homes pieced together from discarded vinyl ad banners, tattered tarps and sticks, stands one permanent facility. This facility is The Children’s Hope Center, which exists to provide children a way out of child labor through education and nutrition.

  • Over 40 children rescued from child labor at our slum outreach education center

    Photo: A reason to be joyful! Girls rescued from a life of child labor in the slums are being equipped for a life of hope—at our Children’s Hope Center in Hyderabad.

    As a lesser-known but massive city with a population of almost 8 million, the South Indian metropolis of Hyderabad faces extreme infrastructure and poverty challenges. With an urbanization rate bringing tens of thousands of new residents into the city each month, there is simply not enough affordable housing to keep up.

  • Girls Home expansion fully funded, work on next phase already underway; thank you!

    Photo: Girls who were once orphans trapped in child labor, now free, safe and full of hope at our India Girls Home.

    This summer we had announced that, due to increased enrollment at our Girls Home, we needed to expand our facilities and improve security. Slowly but surely over the course of the last few months, funds were provided and just last week we met our goal of $43,500. The girls received it as quite a Christmas present and are very thankful for your support.

  • India: Scholarship program protects orphan girls from potentially deadly arranged child marriages

    Photo: Once trapped in lives of child labor with little hope, now rescued, safe and thriving at our India Girls Home.

    Problem: Almost 50% of arranged marriages in India involve girls under the age of 18. Motivated by extreme cultural pressures, relatives of our Indian orphan girls try to claim legal rights to withdraw the girls from the orphanage as early as age 12 or 13 so they can arrange for their marriages.

  • India girls home expansion to unexpectedly benefit at-risk widows

    Photo: These orphan girls recently rescued from child labor situations are now safe, and well on their way to recovery at our India girls home.

    For nearly 20 years now, our India orphan care program has been rescuing orphan girls from human trafficking and child labor situations, rehabilitating them in a safe environment provided by a loving staff, and restoring their future to a bright path ahead with a solid education. In response to increasing reports of abductions and missing girls, we launched a recent campaign to find orphan girls in child labor or bonded servitude situations.