Review of Peace Gospel programs in India, Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda and The Philippines finds common denominator: Hope

If you’re anything like us, witnessing the events unfolding on the world stage have been extremely upsetting.

As if we have not already seen enough suffering this past two years, now we have a war in Europe.

On the heels of other atrocities in Myanmar, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and countless other conflicts where the loss of innocent life by violent means has been commonplace, it’s a lot to process that all of this is happening in the 21st century.

Without war, already our global baseline situation, if just considering one issue such as the human trafficking crisis alone, is incomprehensible.

What we don’t see are the millions of stories of hope that are happening unreported around the world every day.

While the ubiquity of negative news gives the impression that darkness is prevailing, the reality is that, together, we are actually winning by giving what the whole world needs— by giving hope, by creating hope, by being hope.

Hope is the most powerful emotion in the human experience.

As we conclude our month at Peace Gospel and She Has Hope programs, we just wanted to thank you for being that light in the darkness, for giving true hope to orphans and trafficking survivors in their distress.

Each month, because of your generosity, over 1000 children receive life-saving support in the form of security, shelter, nutrition, education, rehabilitation, and medical care.

And for our women graduates, you’re also giving the hope of financial independence in small business empowerment programs.

What we have achieved together, and continue to achieve, is worthy of 1000 hope-filled global news headlines each month.

If the world could only see the hope that you’ve created, the world would see that light is actually winning its fight against this present darkness.

In the Philippines, we see hope in the smile of a child labor survivor enjoying a fresh-cooked meal at our after-school care and tutoring program.

In Myanmar, hope can be seen as our team continues to care for close to 100 orphans in four homes, under the extreme conditions of civil conflict and an economic crisis.

In Nepal, your donations persist in giving hope to orphans at our orphan home, and to human trafficking survivors through rehabilitation care and empowerment programs— they send their thanks!

In India, your support is giving hope to dozens of orphans and trafficking survivors as they receive ongoing care in spite of intense regulations and ongoing economic struggles in the wake of the pandemic.

Your generosity also continues to bless our Uganda students and trafficking survivors. Our rural boarding high school continues is thriving, with classes now back in session offering hope through scholarships to over 300 at-risk and orphan students.

Our Uganda trafficking survivors are putting their emerging tailoring skills to work in crafting our students’ uniforms: “hope recipients” forwarding their own hope to others!

We are grateful for your solidarity which makes this possible.

Thank you for giving so much hope to those who need it most.

Together, we are making a difference which is sending a ripple effect throughout the world.

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