India Education Facility Improvements


Goal: $75,000 Raised: $38,440

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Objective: A new education facility on our main campus for our high school students, a school bus (required by law in order to get the accreditation), and an urgently needed second level added to our Hyderabad Children’s Hope Center. This one goal covers all of these needs.

Update, 8/21/15:

You did it! We got the bus! Thank you for giving the lifelong gift of education!
As many families in the United States prepare youngsters for another year of school, I’m thrilled to tell you that students at our India orphan home will attend junior high this year.

Your donations last month enabled us to purchase a school bus for our India campus. The new bus means:
1. Our older children will be able to safely attend an off-campus junior high.
2. We can take field trips.
3. We checked off another requirement to start our own, on-campus junior high program.


Our orphan home has an on-campus school for K-5th grade, but had to send older students to an off-campus government school for further education.

Sadly, because their students are of lower caste or Dalit (outside of the caste system, “untouchables”), the off-campus school they attended last year refused them this year. Peace Gospel found a government school where the teachers and students are friendly toward the children, but it was too far to walk from campus.

While the ultimate goal is to expand the on-campus school to provide education for all grades, our donors gave enough money to buy a 24-seat school bus to get grade 6-10 students safely to the government school.

Education is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against poverty and childhood marriage. In the part of India where Peace Gospel works, 55% of marriages involve girls under the age of 18.

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