Manila Children’s Hope Center


Goal: $20,000 Raised: $20,000

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Objective: To construct new education facility which will provide education and nutrition support for at-risk children in the slums of Manila.

Deep in the heart of one of Manila’s most hazardous slums, our new children’s outreach center is shining the light brightly into the darkness of child labor and malnutrition. Situated on the edge of a huge city landfill, the Payatas colony is a living nightmare where children play in contaminated drainage and are working in unthinkable, hazardous conditions as young as age 5. At the new “Children’s Hope Center of Manila” we’re offering families an alternative to child labor. The program is still in its infancy, right now only functioning on Saturdays in a rented facility to get acclimated to the community, conduct risk assessment and build trust among the families.

However, we have purchased land for our own permanent facility and lack only $20,000 to construct and equip the new space with furnishings sufficient to create a classroom environment and computer lab for after-school care activities.

We’re offering nutritious fresh-cooked meals, clean water, hygiene lessons, free hygiene supplies, games and “vacation bible school” activities, and classes on basic computer skills for the children. But now we are in the process of registering several children we’ve identified as most in danger, to be a part of the broader plan of the program.

The program moving forward will offer these children educational support—providing everything they need to enroll in school—uniforms, book bags, school supplies, footwear, etc. Not only giving out the supplies, but walking the parents through the process to make sure the child is properly enrolled in school, with follow up, tutoring services and ongoing nutrition support. As we help the parents realize the greater benefit that an educated, happy and healthy child will bring to their family, we’re providing a viable alternative to child labor.