30 years of hope and healing: Peace Gospel’s inspiring legacy

Today we are excited and grateful to share the milestone Peace Gospel has reached: 30 years of impacting and transforming the lives of the orphans, child labor victims, and young trafficking survivors.

We are thrilled to share with you what we’ve achieved together over these past 30 years of partnering with and empowering locally-led, mercy-based programs in Asia and Africa.

Since 1993, the difference in our approach has been through empowering existing local leadership with funding, oversight, and small business development.

What follows is our 30-year Impact Report. We are sure you’ll agree it’s nothing short of a miracle what you’ve helped us accomplish at Peace Gospel, transforming the lives of children and women in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Uganda, and the Philippines.

In our 30-year history, over $11.5 million has been contributed by our generous donors to support orphans, trafficking survivors and child labor victims at our 21 project locations. $11 million of that has come in just the past 15 years.

We are so thankful for you and for God’s grace which has sustained our field staff, volunteers, and the more than 7,600 women and children who have depended on our programs these past 30 years for their security, rehabilitation, nutrition, and education.

We invite you to reflect on all of the milestones we’ve achieved together, along with some of our favorite photos, in the graphics that follow…