Miraculous news thanks to donor generosity: Uganda and Cebu dreams are now a reality!

We’re honestly so happy to share this update.

In our last newsletter we had informed our followers that we didn’t quite reach our year-end goal and that the Uganda land purchase would have to wait.

Well, in a miraculous turn of events, someone who read that email felt moved to donate the full amount needed for the land, and yesterday our Uganda team finalized the purchase!

Here are some quick mobile phone shots we just received from our Uganda Director depicting the formalities of the purchase taking place.

We can’t wait to keep you posted on the development of the land, including farmland activities and the preparations for the boarding high school’s new athletic field!

The students will be overjoyed with their dream fulfilled to have their own official athletic field for soccer and other sports.

The new farmland acreage will provide abundant ingredients for our 1,024 students’ meals on our two Uganda campuses!

In other great news, the impact of our November Dallas fundraiser event has now been materialized in the completion of our Girls Home and Children’s Hope Center kitchen renovation!

We are thrilled with the fulfillment of these big steps which vastly enhance our ability to serve the children in our programs.

A look at the “before” scenes to help you understand how needed a new kitchen was. You can imagine how grateful they feel now…

Speaking of food, in other news our Executive Director, Kirby Trapolino, just wrapped up 30 days living on $1 of food per day!

It was quite a journey of our director experiencing and understanding more about what it’s like to live on such little food while battling the results of inflation at the same time.

You can read up on his thoughts and see all of what he was able to make with his limited ingredients here.

Thank you to all of our donors who made these dreams a reality for our Uganda and Cebu teams and those they are serving!

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