After a 4-year wait, electricity connection finally installed at Children’s Hope Center

Photo: A young girl enrolled in our program is now out of child labor, being equipped with an education that will take her far.

Good news! After a 4-year wait—yes, 4 years—we finally got our electricity connection at the Children’s Hope Center in the slums of Hyderabad. All this time we’ve been running on lanterns and a small generator. This doesn’t solve everything, as electricity only flows a few hours a day, but it’s a major step forward. If you’d like to support this program which is rescuing children of the slums from child labor and giving them hope through education, please see the Take Action links at the end of this story.

In the photo you’ll see Supriya, age 7. Before entering our program she was scavenging through the nearby landfill looking for recyclables, with no chance of going to school. Then a scholarship was provided, and now her future is forever changed. Thank you!

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