September 2013

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  • India girls home expansion to unexpectedly benefit at-risk widows

    Photo: These orphan girls recently rescued from child labor situations are now safe, and well on their way to recovery at our India girls home.

    For nearly 20 years now, our India orphan care program has been rescuing orphan girls from human trafficking and child labor situations, rehabilitating them in a safe environment provided by a loving staff, and restoring their future to a bright path ahead with a solid education. In response to increasing reports of abductions and missing girls, we launched a recent campaign to find orphan girls in child labor or bonded servitude situations.

  • Kathmandu, Nepal: Slum outreach program off to strong start with 45 children enrolled

    Photo: With your support, we’re helping children of this slum colony overcome extreme poverty in a way that’s sustainable and empowering.

    In a slum settlement positioned on a flood-prone riverbank in Kathmandu, Nepal, there is now great hope for 45 children. These children would never have had such hope before. It’s the hope of a better life—of a life with much less risk of human trafficking or child labor. Our program, modeled after our "Children’s Hope Center" in Hyderabad, India, is offering children of this colony nutritional support and the supplies and fees they need to enroll in local schools.

  • Nepal human trafficking rehabilitation home benefits from upgraded classrooms

    Photo: Rescued from human trafficking, she’s now safe at our rehabilitation home where she’s learning how to make clothes and crafts to gain financial independence.

    Thanks to recent donations along with profits from our native-led farmland enterprise in Nepal, we were able to double the amount of sewing machines in our seamstress classroom up to 12. We were also able to finally outfit the crafts and knitting classroom with desks and benches. These major improvements will greatly aid in the learning process as the girls work through the courses.

  • Uganda medical center expanded to include pharmacy, 10-bed clinic

    Photo: These children were among the hundreds who came for a free checkup at our newly expanded medical center.

    Thanks to a local government grant along with profits from our farmland enterprise, your donations were doubled to allow for the construction of an expanded medical clinic on our Uganda campus. Land we purchased last year was used for the expansion. The facility now includes several examination rooms, offices, pharmacy stock room, and a 10-bed outpatient clinic.