December 2013

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  • Girls Home expansion fully funded, work on next phase already underway; thank you!

    Photo: Girls who were once orphans trapped in child labor, now free, safe and full of hope at our India Girls Home.

    This summer we had announced that, due to increased enrollment at our Girls Home, we needed to expand our facilities and improve security. Slowly but surely over the course of the last few months, funds were provided and just last week we met our goal of $43,500. The girls received it as quite a Christmas present and are very thankful for your support.

  • Uncooperative landlord leaves Uganda orphanage in urgent need of new home

    Photo: Girls at our orphan home find joy in the loving environment that’s given them a new hope.

    Recent developments at our Uganda orphanage home have left our faithful native directors in a bind. They’ve adopted several children as their own, providing what little space they have in their tiny rental home. These children all have their own amazing stories of survival in the midst of the AIDS crisis, most of their parents falling victim to the disease and left without much hope for survival.

  • Myanmar rice harvest yields 33 tons to feed 100 orphans, staff for a year; excess to be sold

    Photo: One of the orphans plays in the rice straw from our recent harvest.

    We’re very pleased to report that the second harvest at our Myanmar rice farm was a huge success. The crop yielded approximately three tons of rice per acre at the 12 acre farm, or approximately 30,000 KGs. We’re extremely overjoyed with the result. It’s a vast increase over last year’s harvest thanks to improved efficiency, higher quality fertilization and better irrigation techniques employed by our native team.

  • Sustainable approach allows for the rescue and rehabilitation of orphans in Nepal

    Photo: Girls rescued from child labor and malnourishment are now safe and thriving at our orphanage home in Kathmandu.

    This year in Nepal, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to rescue 3 more orphans from child labor, bringing our enrollment up to 23 children. Orphan children in Nepal are some of the most at-risk children on the planet, with the human trafficking crisis striking deep into the heart of this nation that is considered the poorest in all of Asia. Over 30% of Nepalese live on less than $12 per month.

  • Philippines typhoon relief effort takes a depth and distance approach vs. broad and brief

    Photo: A widow being cared for by our native team is happy to receive fresh groceries and clean water as she recovers from Typhoon Haiyan.

    Our native team is coordinating local relief efforts in response to one of history’s most powerful storms ever recorded. The storm made a direct hit across Cebu Island, where several of our programs are based, including our main campus. Rather than take a broad approach, we’ve instead opted to care for 21 families and 16 widows severely affected by the storm, so we can more effectively ensure a long-term beneficial use of relief funds.