June 2014

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  • Rice farm profits continue to enable orphans’ education in new school year

    Photo: Girls at one of our orphan homes are excited to start the school year with new uniforms, purchased with profits from our native-led rice farm and piggery projects.

    We are happy to report that around 100 children from our orphan homes in Myanmar went back to school this month, which is an increase in enrollment from last year. They were happy to receive backpacks, new uniforms, writing books and pens, shoes, and umbrellas — much-needed items for school that they would not have otherwise, as they come from backgrounds that would never have afforded them such opportunities. Their education is made possible by profits from our 12-acre farmland and piggery project along with donations made by our orphan sponsors.

  • Thanks to farmland profits, 400 impoverished children enrolled in school

    Photo: Students happy to show you a harvest of eggs yielded from our farmland enterprise!

    Thanks in part to profits from our farmland project, 400 impoverished children received backpacks and school supplies, enabling them to enroll for the start of the Filipino school year, which began this month. These school supplies are items their families could not afford — supplies they must have in order to attend local schools. The children and their parents were overcome with joy.

  • 2 Girls rescued from traffickers in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Photo: Girls rescued from human trafficking, now safe at our rehabilitation home receiving training in embroidery and other skills as part of their path toward recovery and empowerment.

    We are thankful to share that last week, two 16-year-old girls were rescued from the dangers of human trafficking. The trafficker took the girls from their village in the Nuwakot district and kept them in a lodge in Kathmandu, where they were forced into prostitution against their will.