October 2013

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  • Philippines: at-risk mothers and their children empowered by crafts business program

    Photo: Thanks to your support, his mother earns a good income through our crafts business program, ensuring his proper nutrition and a brighter future.

    Now in the third year of our craft-making business empowerment program in the Philippines, we continue to see great progress and success among the women enrolled. We originally trained 25 widows and single mothers in various weaving skills. Of the original group, 19 have remained in the program and are seeing significant income generation, and a handful of new trainees are quickly seeing success as well.

  • Myanmar: A story of sustainability leading to smiles through education!

    Photo: Boys at one of our Myanmar orphan homes are happy to receive new school supplies purchased with profits from our farmland enterprise!

    In Myanmar, our farmland enterprise efforts are empowering orphans who have come from child labor situations. Recent profits from our rice farm and piggery ventures provided the orphans with new school supplies and umbrellas for the rainy season. It’s this model of sustainability in action that makes our programs more than just a rescue operation.

  • Survivors for Survivors: Human trafficking survivors’ seamstress program puts clothes on orphans

    Photo: Human trafficking survivors at our rehabilitation home have learned how to make clothes for our orphans! The shirt she’s wearing is one of the items they’ve learned to make.

    Creating a cycle of hope. The young women of our human trafficking rehabilitation home, mostly teenage girls, are being equipped with many skills, one of which is seamstress work. It occurred to our Nepal director one day as he was preparing to buy new clothes for the orphans that the girls should spend some of their class time trying to make the clothes.

  • India: Scholarship program protects orphan girls from potentially deadly arranged child marriages

    Photo: Once trapped in lives of child labor with little hope, now rescued, safe and thriving at our India Girls Home.

    Problem: Almost 50% of arranged marriages in India involve girls under the age of 18. Motivated by extreme cultural pressures, relatives of our Indian orphan girls try to claim legal rights to withdraw the girls from the orphanage as early as age 12 or 13 so they can arrange for their marriages.