December 2014

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  • Myanmar rice harvest yields 13 tons to feed 100+ orphans, dozens of elderly widows in 2015

    Photo: One of the joyful women our farmland employs. Her job gives her hope and purpose knowing that her wages are helping provide for her family, and that the farmland she works for is also helping others in need.

    We are happy to report that the third harvest at our Myanmar rice farm was a success. The crop yielded approximately 13 tons of rice at the 12 acre farm. This is a decrease from last year’s harvest due to unfortunate heavy rains during planting season that affected our yield significantly. Even so, we are thankful for a good harvest that will feed 100+ orphans and the staff in our 4 orphan homes, and also dozens of indigent elderly widows under our care.

  • Nepal: ‘She Has Hope’ home receives 3 girls rescued from human trafficking; garden project successful

    Photo: The garden at the home provides the girls with nutritious organic vegetables such as these radishes, rich in vitamin C, harvested last week.

    We are grateful to report that we received three teenage girls at our rehabilitation home this week who were rescued from human trafficking. Nepal police, in conjunction with our partner child advocacy group rescued them from a brothel in northern India where they had been held against their will for over a year. Now they are safe, receiving counseling, room & board, medical care, literacy classes, cooking classes, and acquiring craft-making, seamstress, and gardening skills through daily coursework offered by our full-time teachers.

  • Uganda rural clinic meets critical medical needs, brings hope to locals

    Photo: A boy admitted this week was treated for a major foot wound, now well on his way to recovery.

    In very encouraging news coming from our Uganda team, we are happy to report that our recently expanded rural clinic has been busy at work serving dozens of community members weekly. Just this past week our team was able to save the life of a little boy who suffered a major foot wound. Although the boy lost his big toe we were able to stop the bleeding and treat the wound which otherwise would have likely become infected, a very high risk situation where other modern medical services are non-existent.