November 2013

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  • Uganda rural school experiences much success, and… a visit from the President!

    Photo: Children at our main Uganda campus were among those gathered for a very special presidential visit.

    Our Uganda campus, located in a remote part of southeastern Uganda, experienced a very rare and special visit. The President of Uganda and his entourage landed their helicopter in front of our campus, local leaders gathered to greet him, and our high school choir presented him with a set of cultural songs and choreography. Our native staff, teachers and the students were all elated by the honor of his visit, an experience they will never forget.

  • Nepal: Farmland produces bumper crop of vegetables, keeping fresh food on orphans’ tables

    Photo: Orphans rescued from child labor and extreme poverty, now happy and enjoying daily fresh-cooked meals made from organic ingredients grown on our own farmland.

    In Nepal our native team is equipped with a farmland consisting of a goat house and terraced fields where they grow various vegetables, potatoes and herbs. The most recent crop they’ve experimented with is corn. Their recent 1000 lb. (450 kg) harvest of corn will not only feed the children but also the goats at the goat house, further improving the profitability of the operation. The farmland yields a consistent delivery of fresh, organic vegetables and herbs used in the cooking at our orphanage and human trafficking rehabilitation home.

  • Philippines team among first responders in devastating aftermath of Super-Typhoon Haiyan

    Photo: Children on the island of Cebu who are among the estimated 500,000 now homeless.

    Thanks to a steel-reinforced rebuild of our Philippines main campus two years ago after a similar cyclone nearly destroyed our entire facility, our native team remained safe and dry during one of the strongest storms in recorded history. This allowed for our team to be among the first responders to the heartbreaking devastation the storm left in its path. Our team is headquartered on the island of Cebu, one of the most severely affected islands in the path of the storm.