September 2014

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  • Philippines fishery and hen house improvements to yield more nutrition, funding for children’s outreach

    Photo: Students happy about the farm-fresh eggs produced on campus!

    We are happy to report that improvements have been made to our hen house and fishery projects on the island of Cebu which have increased production levels. The old hen house was made of wood which rotted easily and was prone to destruction by moths. The new hen house is made of steel, round bars, and G.I. pipe — a very strong structure which can withstand collapse when there is a typhoon. Our new hen house holds 185 chickens — currently yielding 150 eggs per day which are sold for profit and also are used to support the nutrition of the students and children in our outreach programs.

  • 48 students at Children’s Hope Center enjoy upgraded computer lab

    Photo: Students enrolled in our slum outreach program are happy to use new computers which aid their school work.

    We are excited to share the good news that the computer lab at our Children’s Hope Center in Hyderabad, India, was recently refurbished to include 3 new computers, new desks and tables, and educational charts and videos. There are currently 48 students enrolled in our program, and the upgrades to the computer lab greatly benefit their studies after school. Our electricity connection is still working, which is a great improvement from our previous usage of lanterns and a small generator. This doesn’t solve everything, as electricity only flows a few hours a day, but the children are overjoyed to have access to technology which empowers their pursuit of education.

  • Bolstered by improved facilities, our two Uganda schools start semester back with renewed enthusiasm

    Photo: Our primary school students are thankful for a new building which makes learning much more enjoyable: concrete floors, a sturdy roof, and permanent chalkboards are big improvements from their previous makeshift facility.

    We are happy to report that the new Ugandan school semester for both our primary and high school students started on September 8. After a month-long break, our teachers and students were eager to return to the empowering pursuit of education. Our primary school students (ages 5-11) are learning math, English, science, social studies, reading, writing, and the art of handcraft. Our high school students (ages 12-18) are learning English, math, geography, history, agriculture, physics, chemistry, fine art, biology, politics, commerce, and entrepreneurship.

  • Aided by profitable farmland enterprise, India Girls Home able to rescue 29 more orphans

    Photo: Orphan girls once trapped in child labor and extreme poverty are thankful to be free and safe at the newly expanded Girls Home.

    Thanks to profits from our native-led farmland as well as donations from our generous donors, enrollment is up at our India Girls Home by 29 new girls who were rescued within the past 2 months. We are also happy to report that the Girls Home has recently expanded to include a new space which comfortably houses 40 orphan girls. The other 30 girls live in the existing space, and all of the orphans are cared for by 5 loving women and widows who live in the Girls Home and serve faithfully.