February 2014

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  • Philippines team continues typhoon recovery plan with help of improved hen house

    Photo: Students at our main campus are happy to show you eggs yielded from the newly renovated hen house.

    In November we brought you news of Typhoon Hayan, one of the worst storms in history, making a direct hit to the island on which our native team faithfully operates. We had told you we committed to helping 21 families who had lost everything. Thanks to your support, work is coming along and we’re helping these families to slowly rebuild and get their lives back together. One thing that has helped provide these families with sustenance is the steady flow of eggs from our hen house, allowing an important high-protein ingredient in their diets.

  • Children’s Hope Center in Hyderabad enjoys several improvements

    Photo: Students rescued from child labor enjoying the newly improved computer lab and classroom space.

    In one of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing cities—Hyderabad, India—there’s a slum colony situated on the edge of one of the city’s major landfills. In this colony made up of make-shift homes pieced together from discarded vinyl ad banners, tattered tarps and sticks, stands one permanent facility. This facility is The Children’s Hope Center, which exists to provide children a way out of child labor through education and nutrition.

  • New land acquired for Manila slum outreach center, new facility to be built

    Photo: Children in our Manila slum outreach education program enjoy after-school activities including computer literacy classes.

    Deep in the heart of one of Manila’s most hazardous slums, our children’s outreach center is shining the light brightly into the darkness of child labor and malnutrition. Situated on the edge of a huge city landfill, the Payatas Colony is a living nightmare where children play in contaminated drainage and are working in unthinkable, hazardous conditions as young as age 5.