November 2014

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  • Philippines: Our first small-scale fishery harvest yields half-ton of fish

    Photo: After several hours of netting and dividing, harvest yielded over 2,700 mature fish.

    We are thankful to report that over 2,700 mature fish were harvested at our Philippines fishery weighing in at about 1,000 pounds. This yielded a significant profit as fish are in high demand in the market. We expect harvest rates to increase since these fish were in the breeding stage. We have both fingerlings and medium-sized fish in the pond that were separated and then returned to the pond during harvest. Thus another harvest of the medium-sized fish is expected in about 3 months, and then another harvest of the fingerlings in 6 months time — this productive cycle will continue from this point forward.

  • Children thankful for new dining room, kitchen improvements

    Photo: Children pause to give thanks for the provision they never take for granted.

    Thanks to support from our generous donors, along with profits from our farmland enterprise, our native team recently added a dining room extension onto one of our four orphan homes in Myanmar. The new dining space allows the children to have more room and eat at proper tables. This is a blessing to the children as they used to spread out on the floor of the home and eat wherever they could find space. Other improvements were also made to the kitchen: a new fan to keep our faithful cooks cool, a new wok, new pots and pans, and an additional stove.