Funds raised for new rural primary school in Uganda; construction almost complete

Photo: Children at our elementary school are excited about the new building under construction!

We are happy to report that our new primary school in rural Uganda is now fully funded thanks to our generous donors, as well as profits from the farmland. Construction of the new building is almost complete, which is creating a lot of excitement amongst the 200 children enrolled in the school this year. The old building has dirt floors, wooden siding, and a shoddy roof, and floods easily. The new building is a great improvement with an elevated foundation to prevent flooding, and a sturdy roof that will shelter the children even in the heaviest of rain storms. The funds have also provided benches and permanent chalkboards.

The construction will be completed any day now, and the teachers and children are eager to move into the new building as school in currently in session in the old building. In the remote region of southeastern Uganda near the Kenya border, our rural primary school reaches over 200 children who would otherwise have no access to education. Led by our dedicated headmaster and a loving staff of caring teachers very committed to these students, the school is providing much promise and hope.

Before we established the school, local children had to walk several miles to a neighboring village to reach the only government school serving the area. Even then, the government school was overcrowded and offered no nutritional support to the children, making it nearly impossible for the children of Mairinya to obtain even the most simple primary education. Thanks to your support, the future is now looking much brighter for these children.

Please join in helping us further empower our native team with the proper facilities they need to conduct their classes with the right tools and strong shelter. As we work to educate and provide nutrition for these children, we’re equipping them for a way to break out of the cycle of extreme poverty. And not only this, but saving them from the potential of what thousands of Ugandan children are falling prey to as they move into the city looking for work: the dangers of human trafficking and modern day slavery. We are grateful for your support!

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