Philippines: at-risk mothers and their children empowered by crafts business program

Photo: Thanks to your support, his mother earns a good income through our crafts business program, ensuring his proper nutrition and a brighter future.

Now in the third year of our craft-making business empowerment program in the Philippines, we continue to see great progress and success among the women enrolled. We originally trained 25 widows and single mothers in various weaving skills. Of the original group, 19 have remained in the program and are seeing significant income generation, and a handful of new trainees are quickly seeing success as well.

From these original participants, we’ve gained much understanding and experience in how to improve the program moving forward. This year we’re in the process of expanding the program’s success by training more women we’ve found to be in similar desperate circumstances. One step we’ve recently taken is adding some of their beautiful products to our new “She Has Hope” crafts shop. In this way you’re now able to participate directly in their empowerment, while also enjoying their beautiful works of art.

Another very meaningful benefit of the program is the way it brings these women together. As they meet for weaving circles, they share supplies and learn from one another’s techniques. But more importantly, they support each other in the friendships they’re developing as they navigate their difficult lives, and the income they’re earning is helping provide proper nutrition and education for their children. They also benefit from the community of support, mentoring and encouragement offered by the church where the program’s volunteers were recruited.

We have plans to expand our reach in the Philippines through launching a new fishery project at the farmland. The fishery will further diversify and strengthen our already-existing hen house and banana grove projects which are successfully multiplying our funds.

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