Uganda rural school experiences much success, and… a visit from the President!

Photo: Children at our main Uganda campus were among those gathered for a very special presidential visit.

Our Uganda campus, located in a remote part of southeastern Uganda, experienced a very rare and special visit. The President of Uganda and his entourage landed their helicopter in front of our campus, local leaders gathered to greet him, and our high school choir presented him with a set of cultural songs and choreography. Our native staff, teachers and the students were all elated by the honor of his visit, an experience they will never forget.

Our solar-powered campus is home to a successful college-preparatory high school for economically disadvantaged students, some of whom are orphans boarding at the school. Over 40 students have graduated from the school since it was reopened in its current location 3 years ago. Many have gone on to enroll at reputable universities in Kampala, the country’s capital. We were recently awarded a local government grant which, when paired with your donations and profits from the on-campus farmland, enabled us to upgrade our existing medical clinic into a 10-bed outpatient facility which not only serves the students’ and our orphans medical needs, but also those of the community.

Our high school offers a well-rounded curriculum including a science lab and boarding facilities for orphans and other at-risk children. A new building for the high school was recently completed, offering the students a storm-proof structure with the reliability of solar power. Fresh vegetables and potatoes from the 6-acre farmland provide nutritious ingredients in the students meals. A bountiful aquifer under the bedrock of the campus has kept our water well flowing with clean water, enough to share with the entire surrounding community.

The next step in the plan for the campus is to build a new orphanage home to upgrade it from its current dilapidated rental facility off campus. (We have a separate orphan care program apart from the high school catering to older orphaned children). It’s due time to upgrade them to a permanent facility on new land provided late last year.

Through the hard work of our native team, the local community continues to see transformation through our affordable, quality education, access to medical care at our clinic, caring for orphans at our orphanage home, and training and employing widows and single mothers in business opportunities. We’re grateful for your support which has made all of this possible.

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