• Uganda medical center expanded to include pharmacy, 10-bed clinic

    Photo: These children were among the hundreds who came for a free checkup at our newly expanded medical center.

    Thanks to a local government grant along with profits from our farmland enterprise, your donations were doubled to allow for the construction of an expanded medical clinic on our Uganda campus. Land we purchased last year was used for the expansion. The facility now includes several examination rooms, offices, pharmacy stock room, and a 10-bed outpatient clinic.

  • Uganda primary school presses on with success in spite of difficult circumstances

    Photo: Boys at our primary school enjoy a good education and nutritious meals made from ingredients at our nearby farmland.

    At our primary school in rural southeastern Uganda near the Kenya border, every school day over 200 children gather. It’s the only school easily accessible in the area. Here they receive nutritious meals and the loving instruction and care from our dedicated teaching staff. However, we are overwhelmed with the numbers of children, each class having about 35-40 in attendance.