127 children from Myanmar residential orphan care program successfully enrolled in school; 7 orphans rescued, now safe at our homes

Photo: The children were ecstatic to receive all that they needed to be re-enrolled for another school year.

We are happy to report that all 127 of our Myanmar orphans started back to school in June where they are studying their native Burmese language, English, math, geography, history, physics, chemistry, and biology. Thanks to your support we were able to supply the children with all of the important items needed for attending school such as school uniforms, umbrellas, notebooks, backpacks, pens, and pencils. We were also able to hire 4 new staff members who will be cooking and tutoring the children in our 6 orphan homes. The children are thankful for the opportunity to pursue their education together until the semester ends in October.

We are immensely thankful to have recently rescued 7 new orphans who are now safe and thriving at our orphan homes. Today we want to share one of these precious children’s redemptive story:

9-year-old Nankham came to live with us after her father died from alcoholism, her mother abandoned her, and no one in her home village wanted to take care of her. Nankham was scared living on her own, her village was a very dangerous place for a little girl to fend for herself, and she did not have enough food or clothing. Thankfully, one of our Bible college students found Nankham and brought her to our orphan homes. Now Nankham is very happy to be living at one of our orphan homes where she is loved and nurtured in a family environment, and she is able to attend school and receive a quality education. She is in the 3rd grade, her favorite subjects are her native Burmese language and English, and her favorite foods are pork and bananas. She is thankful for new clothes, many friends, and a brand new start in life which fills her with joy.

Together with your help, we’re able to provide for beloved children such as Sandar a loving home centered on the Biblical truths of God’s love and hope. We are deeply grateful for your continual prayers and generous support making the work that we do for these children possible.

Our native team is currently preparing our 14 acre rice paddy farm for the next rice harvest in November or December. Rice provides a key staple in the diets of our orphans and staff in our 6 orphan homes, which is a great blessing to their health. This dietary staple provides them with fast and instant energy, regulation of digestion, fortification of the immune system, and an essential source of vitamin B1. Another benefit to the growing this staple grain is that it stores well over the year in our orphan home pantries.

In other good news, our 6 orphan home directors have had continued success with some small business opportunities. Last year they built a small home on the land of our previous piggery — our native team receives $50 dollars per month by renting the home to a local family. It may not seem like much, but when considering that the average Myanmar citizen earns about the equivalent of $118 per month, you can see that $50 is a significant amount of money locally.

Our team’s water purification business is still going strong as well. We are providing safe, clean water to our neighbors and residents in the surrounding area. We are selling 30 large bottles of purified water per month, which earns our team approximately $40 per month — this profit helps to support our Myanmar programs. Lastly, one of our orphan home directors is raising 3 pigs in a small piggery in his backyard — he is planning to sell the pigs at market in December or January for about $100 per pig.

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