• Philippines: Piggery project further diversifies farmland enterprise to support education in Cebu and Manila

    Photo: Our Philippines Director’s son is excited to show the photographer the new piggery. The venture will advance sustainability goals for our local programs. We are happy to report that we have expanded our farmland enterprise in the Philippines to include a piggery, which currently houses 6 pigs. Our native team cares for the pigs […]

  • Bolstered by successful farm profits, 415 children equipped for back to school season

    Photo: Children in an impoverished community with no means to purchase school supplies are happy to receive all the supplies they’ll need to enroll in school. Thanks to your generous donations and profits from our farmland enterprise, we recently distributed school supplies to 415 impoverished children — last Friday they received notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil […]

  • New coconut grove, fishery improvements to aid children’s outreach

    Photo: Students from our girls home are happy to pose in a celebratory coconut harvest photo before heading to school. Our new coconut grove has matured, now with 145 trees yielding coconut harvests 3 times annually — we reap a harvest of 1,400 coconuts per year. The younger coconuts are used in the children’s diets […]

  • Philippines: Increased yield at farmland results in 60 scholarships for destitute children

    Photo: Thanks to profitability at our farmland, our program provides this young scholar with everything she needs to attend a local school.

    We are happy to report that due to recent improvements at our farmland enterprise — a new fishery, a second fishery pond for fingerlings, and a new storm-proof hen house — we have yielded better results in our production levels. Among the things that the farmland’s profits support is our children’s outreach program, which is now helping to put 60 children in school. They receive scholarships in the form of school supplies, uniforms, backpacks, and whatever else they need to meet the local school enrollment requirements.

  • Philippines: Farmland dodges local mudslides, recovers from storm; second fishery pond complete

    Photo: Thanks to profits from our newly expanded fishery enterprise, our students will be better equipped at the start of the next school year.

    Our facilities in the Philippines were rocked by tropical storm Seniang which hit the islands at the turn of the new year, leaving the region with 54 dead and 260,000 affected. It was a powerful storm spawning calamitous and deadly mudslides in the vicinity of our main campus. However, our elevated location just outside of the local town spared us from fatalities and severe damage to our girls home, 2 fishery ponds, hen house project, vegetable gardens, and banana grove. By God’s grace we are recovering well from the minor damage our facilities received.

  • Philippines: Our first small-scale fishery harvest yields half-ton of fish

    Photo: After several hours of netting and dividing, harvest yielded over 2,700 mature fish.

    We are thankful to report that over 2,700 mature fish were harvested at our Philippines fishery weighing in at about 1,000 pounds. This yielded a significant profit as fish are in high demand in the market. We expect harvest rates to increase since these fish were in the breeding stage. We have both fingerlings and medium-sized fish in the pond that were separated and then returned to the pond during harvest. Thus another harvest of the medium-sized fish is expected in about 3 months, and then another harvest of the fingerlings in 6 months time — this productive cycle will continue from this point forward.

  • Philippines fishery and hen house improvements to yield more nutrition, funding for children’s outreach

    Photo: Students happy about the farm-fresh eggs produced on campus!

    We are happy to report that improvements have been made to our hen house and fishery projects on the island of Cebu which have increased production levels. The old hen house was made of wood which rotted easily and was prone to destruction by moths. The new hen house is made of steel, round bars, and G.I. pipe — a very strong structure which can withstand collapse when there is a typhoon. Our new hen house holds 185 chickens — currently yielding 150 eggs per day which are sold for profit and also are used to support the nutrition of the students and children in our outreach programs.

  • Thanks to farmland profits, 400 impoverished children enrolled in school

    Photo: Students happy to show you a harvest of eggs yielded from our farmland enterprise!

    Thanks in part to profits from our farmland project, 400 impoverished children received backpacks and school supplies, enabling them to enroll for the start of the Filipino school year, which began this month. These school supplies are items their families could not afford — supplies they must have in order to attend local schools. The children and their parents were overcome with joy.