Myanmar: 32-ton rice paddy harvest yields 4.5 tons of consumable rice, other byproducts; new facility groundbreaking; team responds to military coup fallout

We have some great news coming from our Myanmar team, but also wanted to report to you on some challenges they are facing due to the recent military coup there.

We are happy to report that we had a very successful rice harvest on our Myanmar farmland— our 9th annual harvest at the farm.

The 32-ton paddy harvest from our 14-acre farm yielded 4.5 tons of dried consumable rice and other animal feed byproducts we sell for program funding!

We are thankful for a good crop that will provide a nutritious staple in the diets of our children and the staff in our 3 orphan homes throughout the upcoming year.

The rice farm is another great example of how our teams multiply your generosity— using rice from last year’s harvest we were able to drastically reduce the cost of serving over 80,000 meals to our orphans!

Thanks to your support, along with the multiplying power of our farmland, orphan girls like Maythet and Zinghlei have been rescued from extreme poverty and are now provided a loving home, education, security, and nutrition in our Myanmar program.

In other great news from Myanmar, we were able to break ground on the new orphan home and education center on our main campus.

Here our children and staff can be seen gathered around the space to offer prayers of thanksgiving and celebrate the event!

In some very unfortunate news, we are sad to report that Myanmar is suffering from a military coup once again.

This is driving up food prices as the country is basically shut down from mass protests and widespread internet outages as the regime is trying to keep the people under their control.

Please pray for our team as they are sharing their food resources with hungry neighbors, trying to be a light to their struggling local community.

However, thanks to the abundant rice harvest— in addition to continual produce yielded from our vegetable gardens— we have plenty to share in this time of crisis.

We hope and pray that justice and freedom will prevail for the people of Myanmar.

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