Uganda: High school students celebrate recent accreditation; medical center continues to save lives

Photo: High school students at our main Uganda campus taking a break from classes.

We are happy to report that construction of a new school building on our main Uganda campus, which was phase two of our goal to get our high school fully accredited, has now been completed. Construction ended in late September, just in time for the students to use the new building to take their national exams this month. This is the first time that our students have been able to take their national exams at our high school — in years past, we had to take our students to other accredited schools elsewhere. But now that we have received a “center number” from the Uganda National Examination Board, we have the official status to allow students to take their national exams on the school premises. The new building on campus houses the examination hall, a new science lab, the school library, the computer lab with 30 computers, and more offices. We have also equipped the science lab with all of the necessary science apparatuses, chemicals, solutions, shelves, lab tables, and chairs.

In the words of our field director, Frank: “We are so grateful to God and to Peace Gospel for having worked tirelessly and reaching out for people to support our work. Due to your help and support, we have been able to work on many things like the new school building, kitchen, being able to feed the children, teachers having bicycles, among others. It was due to these upcoming developments that gave hope to the department of the ministry of Education to give us accreditation as a school and to give us a center number for our students to sit at our school for the very first time while writing their national exams. This is a very big testimony in the entire community and starting next year we shall also be helping other schools that have not yet been accredited and have no center number for their students to come and use our center number. Students are very happy for this and yesterday they had a party to rejoice for this great achievement.”

PicFramePhoto inset: (Top-left): There are currently 250 students enrolled in our high school studying a variety of subjects, including English, geography, history, commerce, and chemistry, among many others. (Top-right): The high school building on our Uganda campus (shown here mid-construction) is now completed. (Bottom-left): Students at our high school are excited for the completion of the new building, which provides spaces for a new science lab, school library, and computer lab. (Bottom-right): The medical clinic on our main campus provides quality medical care to the local community and surrounding villages.

We have other good news to report from our Rapha Medical Clinic, which is housed in a facility on our main campus in the Mayuge district of southeastern Uganda. A young man was brought to our clinic a few weeks ago by his family who were losing hope, thinking he was dying. The young man often collapsed at home, falling several times a day, injuring his head and bruising his face and body. His family thought he had epilepsy, but our clinic did not have the medical equipment to assess that condition, so our staff sent him to a hospital in the area. The hospital discovered that he did not have epilepsy — instead, he had cerebral malaria. We had medicine for that condition, so the young man was brought back to our clinic for treatment. He was admitted for 2 weeks and was healed. After an additional 2 weeks of resting and recuperating at home, the young man returned to our clinic asking for a job, and now he is one of our regular employees who tends to the campus grounds.

The Rapha Medical Clinic contains a 35-bed in-patient ward, several examination rooms, a pharmacy stocked with basic medicines, and offices for medical staff. We have four full-time nurses and one resident doctor, and we bring in another doctor twice a week for appointments. With your support we hope to improve the clinic by purchasing an ultrasound machine, a dental chair, more laboratory equipment, more microscopes and testing kits, a blood CD4 count machine, a medical refrigerator to store essential laboratory supplies, mosquito nets, a solar power system, and an ambulance to help the the pregnant women living in the rural areas — it is difficult for them to get to our clinic when they are in painful labor. All of these items will enable us to provide a higher level of quality care to the local community. Area residents are grateful for the clinic, as it is the only one available to effectively serve the local town and surrounding villages.

We are thankful for your generous support which makes these improvements and programs possible, blessing the lives of our students and the people in our community.

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