Uganda medical center expanded to include pharmacy, 10-bed clinic

Photo: These children were among the hundreds who came for a free checkup at our newly expanded medical center.

Thanks to a local government grant along with profits from our farmland enterprise, your donations were doubled to allow for the construction of an expanded medical clinic on our Uganda campus. Land we purchased last year was used for the expansion. The facility now includes several examination rooms, offices, pharmacy stock room, and a 10-bed outpatient clinic.

Having the clinic on campus with our high school offers an added benefit for these at-risk students, many of whom we board in the school’s dorm rooms. With our vegetable garden providing nutritious ingredients for the students and clinic patients, it’s a completion of the cycle of sustainability that is core to our vision.

On opening day over 1,000 local villagers showed up to receive free medical examinations and medicines. It was an extremely busy day. Our medical team was only able to see 729 of these patients. The others had to return the following day, when more also appeared after hearing of the availability of medical services in an area of Uganda where such facilities are extremely rare.

We could not be happier with the results. We’re confident that over time, cases of the many local diseases here such as cholera, malaria, and dysentery will drop as our team not only treats the existing illnesses, but also promotes awareness on prevention of such diseases.

The next step in our vision for this, our main Uganda campus, is to move the orphanage from its current dilapidated rental facility into a new home to be built beside the medical center. The new facility will allow our native director and his wife to better care for the several AIDS orphans they’ve adopted into their family, with expanded space to rescue even more.

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