Uncooperative landlord leaves Uganda orphanage in urgent need of new home

Photo: Girls at our orphan home find joy in the loving environment that’s given them a new hope.

Recent developments at our Uganda orphanage home have left our faithful native directors in a bind. They’ve adopted several children as their own, providing what little space they have in their tiny rental home. These children all have their own amazing stories of survival in the midst of the AIDS crisis, most of their parents falling victim to the disease and left without much hope for survival.

Yet in their own financial struggles, our directors have responded with what any of us would do if children were homeless with no other options: take them in, love them and provide what they can to ensure a brighter future.

At the beginning of the year we made an appeal for funding to construct a new home on the land that you helped purchase last year. The new land adjoining our main campus is ready, but the funds for the new construction are not. And now the time has come when we need help urgently to get the new home built. Our main campus is currently home to one of our schools, our administrative office, medical center, and women’s business center—and soon, with your help, the new orphanage home will join the complex of buildings, too.

The landlord of our very dilapidated orphanage home has demanded 6 months rent in advance in order to renew the lease, but is refusing to make critical repairs to the home that would maintain basic security and shelter from the elements. He has refused to install an electrical connection, a leaky roof causes problems in the rainy season, and rusty doors are insecure.

These complications on top of an already inadequate facility with no running water, no electricity, an outdoor kitchen and one outhouse for a toilet, leave us with no option than to make this urgent appeal. We’re asking you to consider chipping in any amount to help us reach this critical goal as soon as possible. Our current space is not only in disrepair, but provides completely insufficient space for the 12 children living with our directors.

Our native directors have taken the first step of faith in gathering these orphans into their own home. Now let us take the second step for them by being the channels through which God provides the proper shelter they and these children truly deserve!

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