20 Recent graduates from Nepal ‘She Has Hope’ trafficking rehabilitation home and trade school receive small business grants to start their tailoring businesses

Photo: This brave survivor recently completed her tailoring certification and has now started her new business thanks to the support of our donors.

We are happy to share the great news that we have a new class of graduates at our ‘She Has Hope’ rehabilitation home and trade school in Nepal!

We are so proud of them. They had to commit to memory 17 common Nepali clothing designs and for their final exams had to produce the clothing without assistance.

They are now certified tailors and they are dreaming of owning their own tailoring businesses. They have put in the hard work, passed their exams at our trade school, and now they are eager to put that diploma to work.

One of our recent graduates, Susmita, reflects on her experience:

I was overcome with emotion when they handed me my graduation certificate. I could have never imagined such an achievement. My family in my home village will be so proud of me, I can’t wait to show them. I hope I can get one of the sponsorships for my new business because I cannot wait to start. Please tell our sponsors thank you from the bottom of my heart.

60 of our previous trade school graduates have now started their own tailoring businesses and on average earn profits that put them three times above the Nepali poverty line!

Why is tailoring so lucrative in the developing world? To get new clothes, most people still go to the market to buy fabrics and take to a tailor to have their clothes made locally.

It’s proven to be a great way for the girls to become very respected in their home communities as they serve local families— putting a practical skill to good and profitable use!

To help put their dreams to reality, we launched a campaign for these graduates to launch their new businesses. We set a goal to commission 20 survivor graduates into their new businesses— both current graduates and some previous graduates who were not quite ready to launch their businesses at the time. Just $200 provides a graduate with everything she needs to get started: a sewing machine and basic start-up supplies.

We are grateful we now get to report that we reached our goal! We are so thankful to the donors who stepped forward, being the final link to a trafficking survivor’s restoration and empowerment, reaching her full entrepreneurial potential. Donating to these programs is a beautiful opportunity to be a part of the solution in a sustainable, long-term way, an investment which provides a life-changing return.

Considering the darkness they’ve been rescued from, doesn’t it seem impossible that they’re smiling? It’s a sign of true hope, and we hope it inspires hope in you during a challenging season for all of us.

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