2021 year-end goals aim to bring essential updates to Philippines and Nepal programs, replenish emergency fund after challenging year

We are happy to announce our year-end goal which will help us fulfill many long-awaited needs in our programs as well as replenish our emergency fund after a very challenging year.

Our first goal takes us to The Philippines: we hope to expand and renovate our girls home, perform a makeover on our main facility’s kitchen, and make improvements to the farmland that supplies that kitchen with fresh ingredients.

The kitchen will receive a major makeover to help our team more efficiently serve the 700+ meals per week for our girls home and adjacent Children’s Hope Center.

Here’s a look at the exterior of the girls home and the indoor-outdoor kitchen that serves our programs.

Right now most of our meals must be prepared outdoors. You will see our Directors, Datu and Althea, who faithfully serve hundreds of children in our programs.

As you can see, we really need to give them a boost.

In our featured photo, you will see the artist’s visualization of the renovated and expanded home and a view of part of our farmland including the proposed improvements to the fishery pond seen at right.

The plan features spacious sleeping arrangements, additional bathrooms, and a more modern kitchen to help our staff more adequately prepare the 700+ weekly meals required for the programs served from this location.

All told, along with improvements we hope to make to the farmland which will help to sustain the program, we are seeking approximately $57,500 for this project.

Our current facility serves as a home for orphan girls and also as the main base of operations for our outreach on the island of Cebu. All told, the facility aids over 400 at-risk children who come for meals, free tutoring, and other aid.

Our next most pressing need is at our Nepal orphan home where we hope to raise enough funds for a kitchen makeover there as well, along with equipping the home with a multimedia library, and a new box-gardening project to provide fresh produce for the orphan home pantry.

The orphan home serves 20 orphans who were rescued from extreme poverty and malnutrition in remote Himalayan villages by our director, Pradeep, a Sherpa who was born near the base of Everest.

We seek $7,500 for their needs.

The other benefit our year-end campaign provides is an emergency fund which is used throughout the year to help us respond to natural disasters, famine relief work, and medical emergencies.

Thanks to the success of last year’s campaign, our emergency fund enabled us to respond to the second wave of the pandemic with over 22 tons of food and 80,000 fresh-cooked meals served to those in need among the communities where we work.

Not to mention being able to respond to several medical emergencies related to our teams suffering from severe infections. We are so thankful that, even when our emergency fund was depleted, you stepped in to help us meet the needs that far exceeded our worst projections. Thank you!

We are seeking $100,000 to replenish the emergency fund. This will be critical to keeping us equipped to respond to emergencies as soon as they arise in 2022.

We are also hoping to rush funds to our seven program headquarters just in time for Christmas gifts and parties for the 1000+ children supported in our programs by your generosity.

Lastly, our year-end fund also provides us with additional operating funds for unprojected expenses in our programs throughout the year. This allows us to sustain life-saving programs that serve over 1,000 children and trafficking survivors in need year-round.

So it’s thanks to your generosity at this time of year that we are able to maintain our care for orphans, child labor victims, and young trafficking survivors through 9 resident-care homes and 12 education centers when unexpected needs arise for their programs.

Our farmlands and small businesses help us multiply your funds when implemented in the field, but farmlands alone are not enough to keep all of this going. That’s where you come in, to help us continue this multiplication of generosity.

Our ‘She Has Hope’ rehabilitation homes and trade schools like the one seen below in Uganda provide rehabilitation and skill training for trafficking survivors thanks to your support.

Please consider chipping in what you can. If we all work together, I’m confident that the funds pooled will make a life-altering impact among these vulnerable we serve!

AMAZING NEWS: 100% of our board, along with two other donors, have pooled their support to create a matching challenge of $75,000 for our year-end campaign!

This means that every dollar you donate to our year-end fund will be doubled, up to $75,000!

Thank you for your generosity and consideration of our goals at year-end. We appreciate you!

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