Over 300 students prepare for back-to-school season in The Philippines, Myanmar, and India; 13 girls in India have the opportunity for a college degree

We’ve had an extremely busy and productive past two months with our annual Houston gala in April followed by a special reception and fundraiser in Austin, Texas this month.

Both events were very successful, with net proceeds raising a combined total of 16.1% of our annual budget!

We are so grateful for all who attended or supported in any way.

With these funds, we’ve already been able to fulfill many urgent pending needs in our programs, including:

  • long-awaited major vehicle repairs for our Uganda team
  • another key step in our Philippines girls home expansion
  • 9 college scholarships for our graduating Nepal orphans
  • several pending urgent infrastructure needs in our India program
  • 61 high school scholarships for Uganda orphans
  • continued care of our non-sponsored children

In other great news, we now have the opportunity to help 291 orphans and other at-risk children return to school in the following programs next month:

  • India
  • Myanmar
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • Manila, Philippines

In these program regions, June is back to school month.

We are also pleased to report that, as of today, we have the main permits we need to finally re-open our India boarding school!

With these opportunities come some very important needs.

Could you be one of our helpers that makes these opportunities a reality?

Possibly the greatest opportunity we have at the moment is to send 13 of our India orphan girls to college (some of them seen in the image above).

It costs $893 for a girl’s college tuition, room and board for a full school year, or about $89/mo. for 10 months.

In each of these cases, these girls are the first from their family and native villages to ever have the chance to attend college.

You can be someone who helps them break out of the cycle of poverty and trafficking to fulfill their dreams— and inspire other girls to do the same!

They will be studying to become Nurses, Teachers, Engineers, and Accountants!

This is one of our photos of Hepsi from her days at our middle school. She says she wants to become a teacher to be able to help girls who are facing similar challenges as she once did.

Her college degree will enable that dream to come true.

The total school year’s college expenses for the 13 girls comes to $11,609.

For the general back to school needs for the 291 non-sponsored orphans and at-risk children in these programs, we are seeking $8,741, or about $30 per child.

You can be a helper as follows!

  • 1 child back to school: $30
  • 2 children back to school: $60
  • 1 month of college needs: $89
  • 1 semester of college needs: $446
  • Full year of college needs: $893

Click here to donate to our back-to-school scholarship campaign and help break the cycle of trafficking and poverty.

Thank you for helping to keep these children’s futures bright!