Sustainability case study: How our Myanmar orphans remain well-fed and cared for despite shutdown of all banks in coup fallout

Photo: Orphans at our Myanmar home are enjoying the bounty of recent harvests from our rice farm, vegetable gardens, and fruit groves.

While we have some alarming news to share with you about the status of Myanmar due to February’s military coup, today we also want to share with you how the generosity of our donors is allowing our team to overcome a major crisis.

A headline from this past Saturday’s Wall Street Journal reads, Myanmar’s Economy Is in a Free Fall, With Empty Factories, Closed Banks, Failing Internet.

Banks have been closed for almost two and a half months and our team has no access to the support we’ve been trying to send them.

However, the orphans under our care remain well fed with daily abundant meals!

How can this be, you ask?

We are so thankful that God led us to think ahead over 12 years ago when we urged our Myanmar team to expand their farmland and gardening projects.

And we are so thankful to you for your generosity in providing feet to this vision.

On Monday, our director was able to find internet access and send us these recent photos of the children eating.

We are so happy to let you share in our joy of seeing the children eating happily despite the crisis plaguing their country— after going a couple of weeks without hearing from them, we were really starting to feel concerned.

But as evidenced by the photos, our recent rice harvest continues to provide them with a nutritious staple ingredient in their meals coupled with a steady flow of fresh vegetables and fruit from our farmland and gardening projects.

Because of your support, for many years we have made improvements to, and expanded, these sustainability goals and now they are really paying off in our time of crisis.

Since early February, our team has had no access to their bank where our funds are stuck due to the prolonged closures and protests.

But with their basic needs covered, we are so grateful that this long term vision God gave us has provided miraculously and abundantly in our time of need.

We are so thankful for our donors’ support of these sustainability initiatives which are a core part of who we are as an organization.

The partnership of our donors and God’s amazing grace has helped avert a true hunger crisis for our orphans.

We hope you can see from this story that when you donate to Peace Gospel, your gift is multiplied to save lives and truly make a difference!

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