India faces catastrophic second wave of Covid infections, deaths; Peace Gospel readies with urgent response

It is with great sorrow and concern that we update you on our India programs today.

A shocking second wave of Covid has torn through India suddenly at a current record-breaking pace of over one million new cases being registered every three days.

And it’s very close to home for us this time.

In the past few days, we have now lost eight team members who have served as volunteers alongside us for many years. They ranged in age from 35 to 52.

They were a part of our network of community leaders who are vigilant in spotting and reporting human trafficking cases, referring many rescued orphan trafficking survivors to our care over the years.

Fortunately, all of our staff and boarding students remain safe as they are sheltering behind the closed gates of our campus.

We are thankful to have enough provisions on campus to last for several weeks.

However, we are very concerned about the forthcoming economic impact upon our impoverished neighbors in the slum communities nearby our campus.

Would you please stand with our India team during this time of crisis as we prepare to respond with medical supplies, food, and cooking oil?

As you might recall from last spring, we delivered over 40 tons of provisions to those cut off from their typical day labor jobs to help them avoid starvation.

This crisis is shaping up to be 5 times worse than the first wave. Then, our highest daily new case count was just under 100,000. Now we are nearing 400,000 daily.

So we need to be even more prepared for this unprecedented crisis.

We would also like to set up education funds for the children of our community leaders who were a part of our network.

They cared for orphans in their distress, now let us care for their children.

Please help with any size donation you can afford to spare for this critically urgent response using the link below.

Take Action: Help us respond to the current second wave Covid crisis in India

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